DarkSynbios Collection

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Dreamcast Collection Games

PAL Games:

1.Resident Evil:Code Veronica
2.SWWS 2000:Euro Edition
3.Dead Or Alive 2
5.Shadow Man
6.Quake 3 Arena
7.Sega Rally 2

8.Fur Fighters

9.Psychic Force 2012
10.Speed Devils Online
11.Rayman 2
12.Tetris: Next gen
13.Street Fighter Alpha 3
14.Virtua Tennis 2
15.Ready 2 Rumble Boxing:Round 2
16.Kiss Psycho Circus
17.Spawn:In Demons Hands
18.F1 World Grand Prix
19.F1 World Grand Prix 2
20.Crazy Taxi X2
21.Crazy Taxi 2
23.Speed Devils
24.Sega GT
26.Worms World Party
27.Power Stone
28.Conflict Zone
29.Deadly Skies
30.Pod 2
31.Alone In The Dark
32.Resident Evil 2(No Manual)
33.Soul Reaver
34.Le Mans 24 Hours
35.18 Wheeler
37.Time Stalkers
38.Blue Stinger
39.Marvel Vs Capcom
40.Marvel Vs Capcom 2
41.NBA 2K
42.NBA 2K2
43.Hydro Thunder
44.Racing Simulation:Monaco Grand Prix
46.Suzuki Alstare
47.Ecco The Dolphin
48.Lodoss:Record Of Lodoss War
49.NBA Show Time
50.Fighting Vipers 2
51.Looney Tunes:Space Race
52.Heavy Metal Geomatrix
53.Resident Evil 3
55.Soldier Of Fortune
56.Floigan Brothers
57.Metropolis Street Racer
58.Surf Rocket Racer
59.Daytona USA 2001
60.Phantasy Star Online V2
61.F355 Challenge
62.Planet Ring
63.Evil Twin
64.Aerowings 2
65.Coaster Works
66.Iron Aces
67.90 Minutes
69.Virtua Tennis
70.Jet Set Radio
71.Virtua Tennis 2
72.Aerowings 2

73.Dragon’s Blood

74.Shenmue 2(?)

75.Chu Chu Rocket

76.Phantasy Star Online

77.Sturmwind(Limited Edition)

78.Super Runabout

79.Tony Hawks:Skateboarding

80.Ultimate Fighting Championship

81.Confidential Mission

82.Plasma Sword

83.Shenmue 2

84.Tokyo Highway Challenge 2

85.Project Justice: Rival Schools 2


87.Pier Solar The Great Architect


89.Worms World Party

90.Stund GP

91.Gunbird 2

          NTSC (U)
1.Quake 3 Arena
2.Ooga Booga
3.The Typing Of The Dead
4.Sega Bass Fishing
5.Sega Marine Fishing
6.Demolition Racer:No Exit
7.Space Channel 5
8.Skies Of Arcadia
9.NBA 2K1
10.NHL 2K2

11.World Series Baseball 2K1

12.World Series Baseball 2K2 (sealed)

13.Sega Smash Pack Vol.1

14.Grandia 2

15.Star Wars Episode 1:Racer

16. Grandia 2

2.Shenmue:Limited Edition
3.Shenmue 2:LImited Edition
4.Shikigami No Shiro 2
5.The King Of Fighters 2002
6.Chaos Field
7.Puyo Puyo Fever
8.Psyvariar 2
9.Trizeal(With bandana and cd soundtrack)
10.Sonic Adventure 2
11.Sonic Adventure 2:Birthday Pack(the game inside it’s sealed9
12.Biohazard:Code Veronica(Limited Edition)
13.Dance Dance Revolution 1nd Mix:Dreamcast version
14.18 Wheeler
15.Gundam Battle Online
16.The King Of Fighters 99:Evolution
19.Trigger Heart Exelica
20.Space Channel 5 Part 2
21.Under Defeat
22.Dead Or Alive 2(limited Edition)
23.Hundred Swords
24.Guilty Gear X
25.Capcom Vs Snk 2
26.Capcom Vs Snk
27.Aero Dancing i
28.Aero Dancing i : Jikai Saku Made Matemasen
29.Virtua Fighter 3 (Project Berkley)
30.Grandia 2 Limited Edition
31.Cosmic Smash
32.PSO V2

33.Rush Rush Rally Racing (Region Free)

34.Wind&Water (Region Free)

35.Chab Dreampassport 3.0

36.Dream passport 3.0


Hardware Stuff



1.Dreamcast NTSC-USA unboxed with 2 controllers,power

cable and VGA BOX.

2.Dreamcast Karaoke (new-never used)(official)

4.Fishing Rod boxed (pal)(official)

5.Keyboard boxed (official pal)

6.Keyboard slim unboxed(Japanese)

7.Dreameye boxed (official)

8.Mouse boxed (official)

9.ASCII X2 boxed (snk and capcom version)

10.D-Direct pad Panther Edition (boxed)

11.D-Direct pad Wood Edition (boxed)

12.D-Direct pad Camouflag (unboxed)

13.D-Direct pad clear black(unboxed)

14.D-Direct VMU Camouflag(boxed)

15.D-Direct VMU Marble X2 (one is boxed)

16.D-Direct VMU Carbon (boxed)

17.D-Direct VMU 8-BIT (unboxed)

18.VMU PSO X4 (unboxed/official)

19.VMU X4 boxed (official)

20.VMU Green from anime edition(japanese) official

21.Vibration pack X2 (one boxed)

22.1 unofficial memory

23.Telephone card Dreamcast (official)

24.Dreamcast Official audio cable (boxed)

25.Dreamcast Official Extended modem cable(boxed)

26.BioHazard Code Veronica:Metal Plaque(limited edition)

27.DC-X (Play Import games in any dreamcast console)


29.Arcade Stick

30.SKillz Memory Card

Updated 8 March 2016