DarkSynbios Collection

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Sega Saturn Collection

Pal Games


2.Sonic R

3.Sonic Jam

4.Shining The Holy Ark

5.The House Of The Dead

6.Burning Rangers

7.World League Soccer '98 X2

8.King Of Fighters '95+ Rom(Up cover of box is custom fixed)

9.Formula Carts

10.Steep Slope Sliders

11.Soviet Strike

12.NBA Live 98

13.Warcraft 2

14.Darklight Conflict

15.Daytona USA CCE

16.Saturn Bomberman

17.Neberekes Popoitto(?)

18.Tunell B1


20.Rampage World Tour


22.Trash IT

23.Command & Conquer

24.Sonic 3D

25.Last Bronx


27.SWWS '98


29.Tomb Raider

30.SWWS '97

31.NBA Action 98

32.Sega Touring Car

33.Fighters Megamix

34.Wipeout 97


36.Bust A Move 3

37.MR Bones


39.Athlete King

40.Winter Heat


42.Virtua Cop 2(cd case version)

43.Duke Nukem 3D



46.Blam Machinehead

47.Bug (case from other game)

48.The Story Of Thor 2

49.Iron Man X-O

50.Manx TT

51.NBA Jam Extreme

52.Bug Too


54.Mass Destruction

55.Slam n Jam 96

58.Sega Rally

59.Virtua Fighter 2

60.Fighting Vipers

61.Mech Warrior 2

62.The Lost World X2 (one only disc)

63.Virtua Fighter

64.Nights + 3D Controller Boxed x2

65.The Lost Vikings 2

66.Valora Valley Golf

67.Panzer Dragoon Saga

68.Enemy Zero

69.Shining Force 3

70.Panzer Dragoon



NTSC-J  (japanese)


2.Enemy Zero X2

3.King Of The Spirit 2

4.Christmas Night X2

5.Anarchy In The Nippon

6.Initial D

7.Puzzle Bobble 3 (Net Edition)

8.Mighty Hits

9.ZAP: Snowboarding Trix

10.Terra Phantasia

11.Dungeons and Dragons boxed with 4MB Ram(?)

12.Galaxy Fight

13.Radiant Silvergun(?)

14.Soukyugurentai Otokuyo

15.Virtua Fighter Remix (only disc and manual)

16.Vampire Hunter

17.Dead Or Alive (limited edition)

18.The King Of fighters 96


20.Cyberbots : Limited Edition

21.Samurai Spirits(Showdown) 4

22.Vampire Savior

23.The King Of Fighters 95 + Ram (boxed)

24.The King Of Fighters 97 + Ram (boxed)

25.Street Fighter Zero 3 + 4MB Ram (boxed) (?)

26.Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter+4MB Ram(boxed) (?)

27.Fatal Fury special

28.Winter Heat

29.Zero Divide:Final Conflict

30.Sega Rally (Net Edition)

31.Shining Force 3: Scenario 1

32.Shining Force 3: Scenario 2

33.Shining Force 3. Scenario 3

34.J.League Soccer

35.Daytona Usa CCE (Net Edition)

36.GT 24

37.3 Wonders: Arcade Gears


39.Castlevania: Akumajo Dracula X-Gekka No Yasoukyoku(?)

40.Dragon Force 2

41.Solo Crisis


43.Vandal Hearts


45.Fighting Vipers

46.Deep Fear

47. Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG




1.Sega Saturn Model 1 X4

2.IR Controller wireless (boxed)

3.Arcade Racer (boxed)

4.Netlink Modem(usa) (boxed)

5.Keyboard Adapter x2 (one sealed)

6.Memory card 8MB official (boxed)

7.6 Multi Tap (boxed)

8.Arcade Stick (boxed)

9.Link Cable Vs (boxed)

10.Pad sega saturn different style(official)(Australia,NZ version)

11.Photo CD

12.Netlink Japanese Version (boxed)

(Included Modem,Virtua Fighter Remix NetEdition,PADNIFTY and

Internet Vol.1)

13. RF Unit Official

Updated 8 March 2016